Asia, Mongolia

Our last adventure in Mongolia: the Gobi

The Gobi is one of the coldest deserts in the world, reaching -40° in winter, but in summer it can be very hot! We had around 30° during daytime 🙂

The Gobi, which means ‘land without water’, covers two countries: Mongolia (30% of its territory) and China. Only a small part of it has sand dunes and cliffs while the rest is desert steppe with enough grass for sheep, goats and camels. Nevertheless life for nomads in the area is quite difficult…

We went for a 6 days road trip from Ulaanbataar with a tour guide/cook, a driver and a cute couple of French tourists. Our mean of transport? A fantastic Russian minivan. Don’t worry, it is more comfortable than it looks! Actually we are not sure about its safety level but who cares… We are still alive and happy 😉

As distances in Gobi are huge and there are no paved roads, we spent most of the time in the van. The journey can be exhausting considering the never-ending bumpy roads… but it is worth! Landscapes on the way are amazing and unique.

What did we enjoy the most?

Climbing dunes

The dunes of Khongoryn Els are definitely the highlight of our trip in the Gobi. If you have never climbed a sand dune, you cannot imagine how hard it is! But once you get to the top: WOW! Views are spectacular, especially at sunset.

Admiring Jurassic Cliffs

Bayanzag, also known as Flaming Cliffs, is the place where the American adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews and other paleontologists found 70-80-million-year-old dinosaurs’ fossils.

Hunting Petroglyphs 

In the Gobi (Khavsgait) there is an incredible collection of petroglyphs from between 8000 BC and 3000 BC. They are not marked so you need to look for them among hundreds of rocks! That is fun!

Making new friends

Camels are very docile and sociable creatures. They don’t smell very well but are so adorable ❤

They represent an important source of income for nomadic herders and are raised mainly for wool and milk. They are very strong animals who can carry up to 250 kg and can last one week without water and one month without food!

Trekking in Yol Valley

They promised glaciers in the desert but unfortunately we didn’t see them (they melted in July). The scenery of the Valley was anyway stunning despite the number of tourists around. Moreover, we met so many lovely Pika-Boo 🙂

What more?

We slept in touristic ger camps and unfortunately didn’t have the chance to experience nomadic life in the desert.

And of course we met and played with many cute children 💕

The Gobi was a tough but great adventure! Go for it 🙂

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