Switzerland is the Kyrgyzstan of Europe ;)

Switzerland first-class tourism started one century ago but it doesn’t mean that it is the only country with paradisiac green valleys, crystal-clear lakes and wonderful mountain landscapes. 

We knew that Kyrgyzstan is considered the “Switzerland of Asia” but we didn’t expect it to have landscapes so similar to the Alps. Actually the only difference with Switzerland is that there are yurts instead of chalets.

We liked basically everything of Kyrgyzstan but here is our top 3.

Song Kol Lake

This blue lake at 3,000 meters of altitude changes colour depending on the light and time of the day. Shepherds move here during summer with their yurts and farm animals. Some of the yurts are used to host tourists.

Trekking in Karakol Valley

What a wonderful walk in this beautiful valley. This is the perfect spot to trek in the mountains and to meet real adventurers from all over the world, such as Kasia and Gregory from Poland! I wish we had more time to explore! We will come back 🙂

Discovering nomadic life

Nowadays part of the Kyrgyz population is still semi-nomadic, meaning that they leave in villages during winter and move with their families, animals (mainly horses and cows) and yurts to the mountains in summer. Before the arrival of the Soviets, Kyrgyz people were fully nomads.

Aiperi milking her horse

We have met and crossed nomads all the time but the day we spent with Aiperi and her family (and all the children of the neighbours!) in the Jailoo Yurtcamp (Alay Valley) will remain one of the best experiences of our trip.

Aiperi’s 5 beautiful daughters – women power!!!
Aiperi serving us the national drink “Kumis” – horse milk fermented in goat skin
Aiperi’s husband, expert horse rider
Sideboard in the yurt

Of course it wouldn’t have been the same without Aizat, our guide and interpreter 🙂

Our welcome meal in the yurt with Aizat
Our walk in the mountains with Aizat and 13 cute children!

5 thoughts on “Switzerland is the Kyrgyzstan of Europe ;)”

  1. Oh, Aurea, i am so sad that i have missed your visit to Kyrgyzstan. I would have loved to invite you for a tea, if i knew you had been here. I am really glad for you and proud that you dared to experience such an endeavour (travelling across Asia). Enjoy your trip and hug the panda if you can 🙂

    P.S. We used to meet a couple of times in Brussels. I guess i brought you a small souvenir – a yourt from leather a few years ago. I am still at the EU Delegation 🙂


    1. Hello Askarbek! Of course I remember you and I have your present in my living room in Brussels 🙂 So sorry, we didn’t meet, I thought to contact you but we were in Bishkek only for one day… Hope to see you soon in another occasion!


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