First days in Uzbekistan

Our great adventure could not start without an unexpected misadventure. We landed in Tashkent at 3 am after celebrating my 35 years old birthday in Moscow airport. We were exhausted but also very excited…

Aurea celebrating with Milu and Fede

And… Surprise! My backpack didn’t arrive 😦 The following day, thanks to Gulia’s bargaining skills, I managed to get slips and socks for an excellent price at the Chorus Bazaar, trying to survive without all my stuff 😉

For Webcommers: Gulia sends her greetings!

After 2 days I had almost lost hope but eventually the backpack arrived!

During the first days in Tashkent we discovered that:

  • Uzbek people are lovely and welcoming
These ladies offered us apricots from their garden 🙂
  • Metro stations (built during the Soviet period) are beautiful
  • There are many fancy restaurants with delicious Uzbek food. We even found veggie options for me 🙂
  • All Uzbek people have a white Chevrolet. We were quite surprised but then we found out that there is a factory in the country so these are the most affordable cars.

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